NEO is often nick named as the Chinese Ethereum and interesting enough, it is backed by the Chinese Government

NEO uses GAS in its blockchain and this is one of the distinguishing characteristics from the other Cryptocurrencies

GAS is the fuel that keeps the NEO’s smart economy in motion

In the NEO’s economy, shares and dividends are being issued out; About 100 million shares of NEO was issued in its blockchain

NEO is closer to being a security than a cryptocurrency because it works on a shared-based system

The GAS earned from owning NEO keeps decreasing on a yearly basis till about 20 years from now

In the NEO economy, various users that perform different tasks will be paid in GAS

Similar to what is obtainable in Ethereum, the NEO blockchain system also allows Smart contract to be built on it

Smart contracts built on the NEO blockchain are written on a common programming language known as C# and Java unlike Ethereum which is written on a much more complex programming language

NEO is presently among the 10 leading Cryptocurrencies by market capitalization according to

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