Bitcoin Blows Past $9,600!

The Price of Bitcoin is at its all-time high shooting above $9,600 at the time of this publication.

The digital currency has experienced sharp gains at a time when interest in the broader cryptocurrency space has skyrocketed.

The total market capitalization of these digital assets has risen to more than $290 billion this year, according to CoinMarketCap, representing a more than 1,500% increase this year.

As for where digital currencies will go next, it is anyone’s guess. Several market observers have voiced concerns that cryptocurrencies have entered a bubble, likening their sharp rise in value to the impressive gains that technology stocks experienced during the 1990s.

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Bitcoin has multiplied more than nine times in value this year, amid increased interest from institutional investors.

The world’s largest futures exchange, CME, is planning to list bitcoin futures in the second week of December. The launch of a derivatives product for the digital currency will mark another step in establishing bitcoin as a legitimate asset class.

Several other giant firms like Google and Goldman Sacchs are investing heavily in Bitcoin and the Blockchain Technology behind it. Read the Article below

But Why would anyone want to be left out of this Digital Gold rush?

An article published recently by Cointelegraph on the smartest way an average person can get into the Bitcoin craze which was quickly deleted is available here for your digest. Read the full article below

Bitcoin Mining Suited to Big Corporations, Individuals Can Profit in Other Ways

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