But Why would anyone want to be left out of this Digital Gold rush?

But Why would anyone want to be left out of this Digital Gold rush?

Watch the video below and get inspired!

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When it comes to the world of Cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology behind it, Google and Goldman sacchs are late entrants. But even then these global giant firms are stopping at nothing to take a large piece of the digital gold rush.

Decentralization has put power back in the hands of the common man. The fiat currency is centrally-controlled and can be printed at will by the corrupt governments of the world. This is why fiat currency can only lose value, the US dollars inclusive.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like it are still new concepts to many people all around the world. The main stream media will get the real concept about it one day but not when they have succeeded in deluding an average investor that Bitcoin is a scam thereby robbing such investors of the massive ROIs in this industry.

Think about the tech boom and how a lot of people got in there too late. Stocks of Google which used to be affordable then are now out of reach of an average investor. This is another opportunity knocking at everyone’s door, do not be left out.

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