Cities That Accept Bitcoin For Real Estate Properties

Thinking of  spending your Bitcoin on Valuable properties? Then here are the cities that accept Bitcoin For Real Estate Properties

1. Rome, Italy 

For the first time ever, now you can buy houses with bitcoins in Rome, Italy. Real estate company “Gruppo Barletta” put 123 apartments in a refurbished building in San Lorenzo in Rome on sell and accepts bitcoins as payment. This has been made possible by a resolution of the Italian Revenue Agency that equates bitcoins to any foreign currency. Gruppo Barletta is betting on bitcoins, offering to pay commissions and notary expenses (between 15k and 45k euros) to whoever will use the new payment mode.


2.  Miami, Florida

Realtors in Miami, Florida are confident that south Florida is an ideal market for Bitcoin. They cite the worldwide reach of Bitcoin as a primary factor in driving increased interest and attention to the region. Using an alternate form of currency opens up properties to buyers and investors from all over the world, including Asia, Canada, South America and more.



 3. Dubai, UAE

The United States isn’t the only country to capitalize on the growing Bitcoin trend. A developer located on the Isle of Man recently announced plans for a joint residential-commercial development valued at $325 mln. Prospective residents will be able to use Bitcoin to purchase their property, with studio apartments starting at 33 BTC and one-bedroom apartments from 54 BTC — or approximately $250,000.

Some of the development’s units have already been sold for modern currency, but the remaining residential properties are reserved for Bitcoin purchases. Commercial units are not currently available for purchase via the popular cryptocurrency.

4. New York, New York

Investors and real estate agents in The Big Apple also believe Bitcoin is the way of the future. The team with Magnum Real Estate is assuming a huge risk by accepting Bitcoin for deposits and purchases for recently converted apartments in Manhattan’s East Village. Known as Liberty Toye, the property represents a huge shift in the way we conduct business this century.

Real estate investment trusts have been looking to diversify their portfolios this year, and New York City provides the ideal launching ground. Known as an entrepreneurial-minded city that isn’t afraid to take risks, we already see homes and apartments available for Bitcoin. It’s only a matter of time until commercial buildings follow suit.

5. Lake Tahoe, California

The popular vacation destination of Lake Tahoe accepts Bitcoin, too. An unnamed buyer recently purchased a 1.4-acre property with Bitcoin on a 42-site resort. The undeveloped property sold for $1.6 mln, or 2,739 BTC, making it the largest Bitcoin-driven real estate transaction at the time it happened in 2013.

According to reports, the Bitcoin purchase was originally the buyer’s idea. While we haven’t seen any further developments involving Bitcoin in the Lake Tahoe real estate market, the sale shows off the potential of digital currency in the industry and opens the way for future deals in both the residential and commercial sectors.

6. Bali, Indonesia

The island of Indonesia isn’t the first place you’d expect to see a Bitcoin-backed real estate transaction, but it was actually among the first locations to support the cryptocurrency.

An unnamed buyer spent more than 800 Bitcoins, totaling approximately $500,000 at the time, for a villa in Bali.

Although residential real estate agents and buyers are comfortable with using Bitcoin to purchase real estate in Bali, we have yet to see any listings in the commercial or industrial markets.

Apart from these cities, a lot of other countries in Europe like the Czech republic and other countries all over the world are already opening up their real estate market to the Cryptocurrency payment.

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