Convert your dollars into cryptocurrencies now! – Brock Pierce warns

Brock Pierce is a US entrepreneur, investor and a public speaker, co-founder of Blockchain Capital, chairman of Bitcoin Foundation. He’s also a founder, board member or advisor for several Bitcoin companies.

These are the highlights of the video below:

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  • On the ideal price of bitcoin, he said Bitcoin price is not really connected with the technology.  The Bitcoin price is the primary barometer of sentiment, which actually has nothing to do with the fundamental performance of the technology.
  • On whether to hold or sell your bitcoin, Brock Pierce said ‘My advice to anyone listening is until you really have a strong opinion about how those markets are going to develop the safest thing to do is hold. Or if you lose confidence – sell, whatever you want to do’.
  • On ICO, he said the following ‘I think a year or two out from now security tokens will outnumber utility tokens. Because I think the benefit to market participants and contributors is greater when they can be offered actual rights, when they can actually have ownership, when they can actually have royalties, when they can have dividends, when you can have smart contracts that would allow for projects that are not performing as they should to return money or tokens to their contributors.
  • Brock Pierce Concluded by said the main benefit of the block chain technology will advance developing economies further than advanced economies of the world. In his words ‘The real benefit is South of the border, or it’s in Africa, it’s in Southeast Asia. Much like Africa leapfrog wired telecommunications and went straight to wireless. It’s these parts of the world that stand to benefit the most and where adoption is likely to happen to the greatest extent.

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