Ethereum reaches an all-high price as Brazilian Government Plans to Process Petitions and Write Laws on Ethereum

Digital currency ethereum is now trading at an all-high of $1,223 (@ the time of this publication). It now has a market capitalization of about $96.8 billion, now only second to Bitcoin only.

In contrast to bitcoin, ethereum allows developers to build applications on its network. The Brazilian government is seeking to move popular petitions, an inefficient electoral system of the country, onto the Ethereum network, to process hundreds of millions of votes on the immutable Blockchain network.

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The key to employing a Blockchain system in processing petitions and electoral votes is to encrypt votes onto the immutable Blockchain network as transactions, to ensure that the specific piece of data remains unalterable and invulnerable to manipulation.

Essentially, processing petition signatures on the Ethereum network would require smart contracts, and the system would operate similarly as other decentralized applications that exist on the network. The electoral system of Brazil would act as a decentralized application of its own with an independent digital token, that is used to process every vote on the Blockchain.

The Use Of Mobile App 

Currently, the Brazilian government is exploring the possibility of using a mobile app based on the Ethereum Blockchain network with which residents and citizens can submit petition votes. Since decentralized applications can operate on mobile systems, the Brazilian petition and electoral system can operate in a similar way.

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