How To De-Ice Your Car fast and safely

Young woman cleaning her covered by snow car is seen. Heavy snow fall, and frost hits northern Poland city of Gdansk on 6 January 2017. Low temperature close to minus 10 Celsius degrees and snow paralyzes road traffic in the region. (Photo by Michal Fludra/NurPhoto) *** Please Use Credit from Credit Field ***

As winter sets in, here are the top tips on how to defrost your car without wrecking it.


Be careful with this one please.  If you decide to pour a bucket of water over your windshield to help melt the ice, make sure you’re in the right conditions to do so. Water comes in first since its easily accessible to everyone. IF you decide to use water, please ONLY use lukewarm water and very quickly wipe down the windshield after dispensing a bucket over it.  And if it’s less than 25F out, just toss this idea altogether and watch the icicles form as the water hits the frigid air.


This is regarded as the most magical hack of the season. All you have to do is mix 1/3 water and 2/3 rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Whenever your windshield is fogged over (with ice or otherwise) you simply have to spray this solution and watch the fog disappear.

Turn The Engine On

If you’ve ever wondered “Why would I ever need to start the car before I’m in it?” this is the answer to that question.  If the weatherman is calling for frost, turn the temperature gauges to heat and defrost before you go in for the night. Duh. It might sound blindingly obvious, but if you switch on the engine and let the air-conditioning circulate through your car, you’ll have a key ally in your battle against icy windows. Although so many objections about this but then it still works.

Wipe All The Snow Off

No one wants to drive to work in an igloo, so use a brush to wipe all the snow off your car, making sure to clear the front grille. Not too arsed about that last one? Well ok, but also remember that no one wants to drive to work in a car with no engine.

Get a a de-icer

It sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Well, you’d be surprised by how many people spend their winter season without a good quality de-icer.

Purchase a de-icer with a nozzle so you can spray it all over the windscreen before getting to work with your scraper.

Most screenwashes contain de-icer and can help clear the ice from your windscreen and prevent your wash bottle and spray nozzles from freezing.


Other quick ways of getting it done include

  • Turn heater on at full blast
  • Turn AC on
  • Turn off the inside air circulation
  • Crack open the windows

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With Cold or Boiling Water (A complete no-go)
Cold water could freeze over the top of your windshield, especially if it’s particularly cold out. It may seem logical that boiling water would melt away ice on a window… but nothing could be more dangerous. Boiling water could shatter your windshield from the excessive temperature difference.

With Salt Water
Up North, they use Road Salt to melt ice and snow and make the roads easier to navigate, right? So it would only make sense to use that, right? Wrong.  Salt is bad for your car.  There’s really no getting around that.  It causes corrosion, rust, and creates damage that can only be replaced – not undone.  This is why people from the frigid areas of the country tend to keep their nice vehicles cooped up in the garage during their Great White Winters.

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With a Credit Card
Often used as an ice scraper for those that can’t find theirs, Credit Cards offer a stiff, flat edge to get under the ice and chip away at it. Not only is this time-consuming, but you could scratch the glass by wearing down the curved edges of the card into a sharper, knife-like blade and cutting into the windshield.  Dropping it in drifts of slush and ice is also pretty easy, and would mean you have a long morning of calling to cancel said card and re-order another. You’re going to need that Credit Card to buy a cup of hot cocoa once you’re done freezing your hands off chipping away at ice.

Not Do It
Frost and ice are significant visual blocks.  Don’t put yourself and your passengers in danger because you’re in a hurry.  Be safe, be responsible, and use one of these easy tips to de-ice your car.

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