Hurricane Ophelia – What you need to know

Hurricane Ophelia – What you need to know

1. Hurricane Ophelia is the most powerful storm this far east of the US on record

2. Only 15 hurricanes have passed within 200 nautical miles of the Azores since scientific monitoring began in 1851

3. Parts of Ireland and the UK are due to experience the tail end of the hurricane on Monday.

4. Hurricane Ophelia has already reached winds of 185km/h but by the time it hits Ireland these gusts will have weakened to 130km/h. This is still powerful enough to cause structural damage.

5. These tropical storms start off near Cape Verde and move westwards and then develop into hurricanes. Some of them don’t, some of them just fizzle out or develop into tropical storms.

6. This is the 10th consecutive tropical storm that has turned into a hurricane. The last time that this was observed was 1893. It is pretty unprecedented.

Please be well advised that Three battalions of soldiers are on permanent standby to deal with major incidents in the UK, and so there is no cause for alarm. More updates later

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